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Peace in the middle east 

We all dream about world peace, some of us think it’s just a fairy tale, not tangible. And for one of the regions which has suffered the most from modern warfare, the Middle East is no stranger to this dream. But from the ashes of despair rises a people with arms outstretched beyond the borders of their countries, tired of the years of bloodshed, turmoil and losing loved ones, ready to make peace a reality and bring the Middle East into a more prosperous future. I am honored to be part of this movement of young people from across the Middle East, from Israel to Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kurdistan, Armenia and so many others, countries once taught to hate each other, whose young people are waking up and deciding they have had enough of the conflicts of the previous century, and that they are ready for a normal life of dignity and humanity in the 21st century. Israeli singer/songwriter Yair Levy and Lebanese singer/songwriter Carine Bassili lead the way as a shining light for such a future.

On the morning of August 4th, 2020, just when the people of Beirut, Lebanon were going through both COVID -19 and political turmoil, thinking things in Lebanon could not get any worse, a warehouse full of ammonium nitrate exploded and took out an entire chunk of the city, devastating the area, leaving 215 dead, 7,500 people injured, $15 billion in property damage and over 300,000 Lebanese people homeless. For Carine like many of her  people, it was political recklessness which led to that disaster. Some people blame Iranian backed terror group Hezbollah, but regardless of who was to blame, the damage had already been done and Lebanon continues to suffer under what seems to be a government helpless to provide for its own people. Surprisingly to many Lebanese, was the fact that the first nation to offer humanitarian aid was the State of Israel, their supposed arch enemy to their southern border. This show of humanity in spite of political rivalry, warmed the hearts of many Lebanese people including Carine Bassili. She reached out online to Yair Levy in Israel, who was writing a special song titled “El Na Refa Na Lah” which means in Hebrew “Please God Heal Her.” 

Yair had gotten requests to translate the song, after it had gone viral all over the world, into different languages. But the request that shocked him was that of Carine. The two became friends and collaborated to translate the song into Arabic. The song spread like wildfire all over the internet, and unfortunately received a lot of hate from people who oppose peaceful relations with Israel, but received a lot of love and support from countless others all over the Middle East and around the world including from yours truly. Today I am proud to call these two amazing people my friends, and we are slowly but surely growing an entire underground movement of young people from across the world who are working hard to make peace a reality for the Middle East and the whole world. And that’s exactly what we promote here at Endow America, we whole heartedly believe that civilization is approaching an era of human kindness, and amazing stories like these inspire us to do our own part in the progress of humanity into a more peaceful and prosperous future for both you and me. To learn more please visit, or like us on Facebook @SocialSecharity.

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Written by Ossman J. Darwiche 04/23/2021