The mission of this website is to educate the public about using Section 664 and Social Secharity. Social Secharity is a registered trademark of the Endow America Network Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.

section 664 and Social Secharity is a bold new way to move the country from 30 trillion in debt to economic well being through charitable wealth. Help resolve our country’s debt, improve your own future income and pay less tax! Best of all be a grateful benefactor to your community


Attention: all 401K, IRA, or pension plan account owners, it’surgent that you act now! Consult your tax and financial advisors about our Pooled Income Fund (PIF) before December 31.

Our PIF works in this simple way:

1- You donate appreciated noncash assets to our PIF for which you get a substantial tax deduction that can offset a Roth exchange.
2- As income beneficiary(ies), you recieve total return of income from your portion of the PIF for life.
3- Upon the passing of all income beneficiaries, your portion of the PIF goes to endow the charitable project(s) you selected, including Donor Advised Funds



New! Route 664 radio station

Tune in all day long to great hits and conversations of kindness. Get inspired on the ‘Road to Human Kindness’ station throughout your day.

Connect with a Professional Philanthropic Advisor

Financial facts and circumstances are different for each of us, therefore… you need to know how Social Secharity (Section 664) will benefit you. Consult your own personal advisor and/or find a Professional Philanthropic Advisor who understands Social Secharity (Section 664) Planning.

Safe Schools Great Schools Project

The “Safe Schools Great Schools” project is a perfect example of how Social Secharity can be used to benefit a charity, – in this case public schools in your community

Case Studies


Jack and Diane, aged 70, decided with their financial advisor to use their summer home as a Charitable Gift Annuity to endow their favorite charity, pay less tax, and receive a fixed endowment income.


Mike, a 50 year old father, owns 100% of the stock in a highly successful business. By contributing to his Charitable Remainder Trust at the advice of his advisor, he now will only pay necessary taxable funds, endow the hospital that assisted his child, and secure his future income.


Jane and John, 40 year old parents of 2, earn a high yearly income and decide to consult with a philanthropic financial advisor as to the best way to make use of Social Secharity to secure future retirement income, pay less tax, and support her favorite charity.