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Pooled Income Fund

Attention: all 401K, IRA, or pension plan account owners, it’s urgent that you act now! Consult your tax and financial advisors about our Pooled Income Fund (PIF) before December 31.

Our PIF works in this simple way:

1- You donate appreciated noncash assets to our PIF for which you get a substantial tax deduction that can offset a Roth exchange.
2- As income beneficiary(ies), you recieve total return of income from your portion of the PIF for life.
3- Upon the passing of all income beneficiaries, your portion of the PIF goes to endow the charitable project(s) you selected, including Donor Advised Funds
All PIF docs you need can be found below

Disclosure Statement

The purpose of the Disclosure Statement is to provide you, the prospective donor, with information about the structure and operation of the EANFPIF2021#1 Pooled Income Fund (The “Fund”) of the Endow America Netwrok Foundation (“EANF”).

Investment Objectives

EANFPIF2021#1 Pooled Income Fund (the “Fund”) of the Endow America Network Foundation (“EANF”) has been created to provide long-term growth of principal with an emphasis on distribution if income to the income beneficiaries.

Gift Agreement

Donor gift agreement and beneficiary designation with the EANFPIF2021#1 Pooled Income Fund (the “Fund”) of the Endow America Network Foundation (“EANF”). This agreement is to be filled out by the donor(s) to add the beneficiaries and a description of the gift.

If you have any questions of concerns please contact us at:

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