The mission of this website is to educate the public about using Section 664 and Social Secharity. Social Secharity is a registered trademark of the Endow America Network Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.

Safe Schools Great Schools is a project of the Endow America Network Foundation, Inc.

Transformative Funding.

The time has come for a transformation of funding for our public schools.  Government has proven that it can no longer provide quality education equally across this great nation.  For too long, public education in America has ranged from excellent to disfavored, depending on the locale of the school and on the winds of politically driven inconsistencies. 

Social Secharity is a long-term funding solution that changes America from a nation in debt to a nation endowed.  It transfers funding from the government’s control to funding in the hands of individual citizens who can personally choose to fund the school of their choice.

Defining Safe Schools Great Schools.

Safe Schools means any school constructed or refitted will contain all the safety features and measures needed to prevent someone, intent on doing harm, from entering a school.  Safe Schools Great Schools utilizes the concept of problem student triage. A problem student triage is comprised of professionals in education, medicine, and the law who assist the problem student to return as an accepted member of the student body.  This concept is an answer to prevent any reoccurrence of tragic mass shootings at numerous schools nationwide.

Great Schools means, within the safe environment created, delivering the most advanced public education possible, using continuous supplemental funding from the school’s endowment fund.  This funding will invite and support innovative ideas grounded in best practices.

Case Study of Endowment Plan – Summary of Benefits Social Secharity Module

4 Donors have agreed to donate $10,000 each to a pooled income fund, their ages are 35, 45, 55, and 70.


The central fund-raising activity of Safe Schools Great Schools is the creation of a financial endowment for the school comprised of philanthropic investments in four Pooled Income Funds and based on the Endow America Network program using the Social Secharity model (

See Summary of Benefits Social Secharity Module). 


There are three benefits enjoyed by Pooled Income Fund legacy donors:

  1. Annual income generated by the Pooled Income Funds;
  2. Tax savings realized from the donor’s charitable contribution; and
  3. Continuous support of a charity of the donor’s choice.



Assuming 6.75% Return. All models are in the 30% tax bracket earning $400,000 or more per year.

Donor AgeInvestmentCurrent Funds
1st 10 Years
Total Income to Donors6-Year Donors’ Tax SavingsEndowment to School Fund
60 +
Model at age 70
50 – 60
Model at age 55
0 – 50
Model at age 45
30 – 40
Model at age 35
Module 1 Totals$40,000,000$2,500,000$91,670,000$7,700,000$64,630,000
Module 2 Totals$80,000,000$5,000,000$183,340,000$15,400,000$64,630,000
Accumulated Totals$129,260,000
Capital Improvements($15,000,000)
Income Producing Endowment
Total Year 47
Total Income From Endowment to Support School
Years 11-55