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Confidence in Spirit

Confidence in SpiritIt is the morning of Saturday, July 21, 2001 and the wind was puffing pretty well. We were at anchor off Cape Santa Maria and the water was making a slapping sound against the hull as I checked our position. Still in the same place at a depth of...

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What is Confidence Over Money?

Confidence over money is when you have a certainty that today, and for no matter how long you live, you will be able to maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to and expect, no matter what. In all the years I have practiced financial planning, one question I always...

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Les Winston and Wanda Myles go live every Thursday at 11AM EST on Route 664: The Road to Human Kindness. Each week they have fascinating interviews ranging from top level government officials to well known business owners and best selling authors. Don’t miss out!

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Era of human kindness

The next stage of humanity’s social evolution   The last four thousand years of human civilization have taken us from tribalism to religiosity, to a world steeped in a political “us versus them” mentality to an age of economic thinking which still dominates much of...

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