The mission of this website is to educate the public about using Section 664 and Social Secharity. Social Secharity is a registered trademark of the Endow America Network Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.

Popping the Bubble

Are you living in a bubble? It’s ok, most people do;  you can chalk it up to human nature. I was pretty much living in a bubble too, and I’m freaking 33 years old. But it’s time to put on the big boy or girl pants and start adulting! I know adulting sucks, but we’re going to have to do it if we want a comfortable future. We’ve told you about the national debt nearing $30 trillion so we won’t bore you with the details, but we will tell you more about the solution which we call Social Secharity.

It’s a play on words combining the concept of social security and charity, in other words we’re trying to get you and the rest of America into the idea of choosing a Social Secharity account where instead of your hard earned money getting drained into the government, you can instead choose to contribute to the charity of your choice. What first happens is that the government rewards you instantly with annual tax deductions so you end up paying less income tax. Secondly, and perhaps more appealing, is that Section 664 of the Internal Revenue Code describes the ways you can accumulate a steady stream of annual income, earning you more money every year, and we don’t have to tell you what the benefits of that are. Thirdly, and it’s really the point of this entire project, at the end of your life the money you contributed through opening a Social Secharity account goes to endow the philanthropy of your choice, endowing it with funds so that it does not have to lobby government for cash every year. Now, imagine if enough Americans opted for Route 664, with $1 trillion going to charity every year, we can effectively reduce the national debt by $28 trillion by the year 2050. That’s because we will have endowed American institutions with so many private contributions, through natural human kindness, that they won’t have to depend on Uncle Sam anymore, and so he won’t have to stick his hands into our pockets anymore! 

It’s actually a really simple concept, and while the mechanics of it are admittedly complex, we’re here at Endow America Network Foundation to provide you the average young American with a list of professional philanthropic advisors who have vast amounts of training and experience to help you understand and navigate these waters, to endow you with more money for your own future and, in the process, end up endowing the rest of the country for a better quality of life. So, which philanthropies will you choose to endow? The American Cancer Society? Food for the Poor? The Nature Conservancy? Wounded Warriors? Green Peace? I would personally choose the Planetary Society and UNICEF, but that’s just me. The possibilities are endless! Imagine if we managed to save both America and the world’s financial future, through the simple but life-saving powerful concept of philanthropy the love of humanity! That’s exactly why we do what we do here at Endow America, because that’s the kind of future we want for you, me, everybody. To learn more and to speak to a professional philanthropic advisor, visit or like us on Facebook @SocialSecharity. Also be sure to catch our weekly webcast show Route 664 The Road to Human Kindness! See you all real soon!

Social Secharity (Section 664) is a bold new way to move the country from 30 trillion in debt to economic well being through charitable wealth. Help resolve our country’s problems, improve your own future income and pay less tax! Best of all be a grateful benefactor to your community. 

Written by Ossman J. Darwiche 2021