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Killing the Middle Man

War! There is one happening right now all around us, and it’s getting worse by the day. This war doesn’t require tanks or bombs, guns or knives; this war is silent, but it is one of the most dangerous kinds of war. It is both psychologic and economic. Ever wondered what makes America and other capitalist nations stand out in the world, what makes us so strong? We have a strong middle class. In fact, the United States has until this day the strongest middle class in human history. However, it is in danger of quickly disappearing, which is exactly what our adversaries are counting on. Sun Tzu’s Art of War tells us that a physical armed conflict should be the last resort. Why waste time, money and resources on a war you may lose? In fact, the highest form of strategic superiority is winning a war without ever having to fire a single shot. The objective is to destabilize America and the West by attacking the middle class. There are several tactics being implemented that are at the root of this new cold war, and knowing them can help us fight back in a way Americans do best, there is still hope.

At Endow America Network Foundation we whole heartedly believe in peace, not war of any kind. But Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” I think it’s safe to say the whole world has been going through hell ever since this pandemic started in the winter of 2019. In fact COVID-19 is one of the main catalysts in this financial powder keg, as we witness a microscopic life form single handedly bring the world to its knees, the real day the Earth stood still. The impact only served to fuel the flames of an already dangerous fire that is burning our country and western civilization as we know it. In 2011 the middle class made up about 51% of the population in the United States, the reason the American economy is so strong. However, we’re quickly losing momentum and the income gap between higher income and middle income households grows bigger by the day. Even before the pandemic hit, the cost of pretty much everything was already skyrocketing. The most concerning is in the housing market and the automobile industries, mainly due to the increase in demand. It’s basic economics. As people make more money, the desire to live more extravagantly increases. The pandemic threw us a curve ball in that everyone was stuck at home, seeking better private living standards and significantly impacting housing. Also, more and more people stopped using public transportation and started using their own vehicles in order to avoid human contact. Demand in both markets predictively shot up. Add the fact that most factories were shut down in 2020, which means supply was short. For the middle class it means many can no longer afford vehicles or decent housing, especially due to unemployment. The poor got poorer, and the rich got richer. 

Another factor to consider is student debt is at an all-time high while the value of a college degree is going down. In 1979 the average cost of a college education was just over $17,000. Today’s average is very well over $50,000. This means people are being paid less for their work. In 2016, the average income of an American family of three, for example, was between $35,000 and $106,000 per year. Just before the pandemic, that average significantly declined between $74,000 and $78,000 per year. Then the pandemic hit and cost many of us our jobs, including yours truly. Meanwhile, for the upper class, the average income went from over $172,000 to $187,000, making the gap seem more like the Grand Canyon. Where did the working middle class go? Some of us resorted to finding other means of steady income while others simply stopped working altogether. The result is that the middle class is disappearing completely and, if nothing is done, it may soon become a society of rich and poor. Lastly, we have our good old Federal Government and the good folks up in DC. Their power base seem to believe that whenever there’s any kind of social problem, only Uncle Sam can fix it and provide what we need. This in turn creates a bigger government, more powerfully dominating our lives and even the traditional free market we all know and love, resulting in an overall national debt of nearly $30 trillion. 

Of course if you know your history, you know what happens in a modern society such as this, almost always instigated by those promoting class warfare to shouts of “revolution!” I’m not saying that’s America now, but look around you. if nothing is done to turn this country around, we may be there sooner than you think. I speak from the experience of my Cuban American family who never thought it would happen on their island nation in 1959, then it did. I speak for my Venezuelan friends who swore it would never happen in their rich country, my grandparents warning them that it would, and it did. And that is exactly the plan of the big four, that’s China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, supported by their allies in Venezuela, Cuba, and several other regimes around the world who would love to see our country’s demise and have been planning accordingly for decades now. 

America is going off the rails on the crazy train, but there is still hope and there is so much we can do to stop it. First and foremost, we need an improved education system that promotes the right kind of education and enriches the minds of future Americans. There is also another way, mainly the power of charity. In 1969, Congress introduced Section 664 of the Internal Revenue Code, which provides a very real solution to America’s financial crisis. Astonishingly, most of us have been completely unaware that such a law even existed. We call it, Social Secharity, a play on words between the concept of social security and charity. The idea is to make you and all of the country aware that, by giving to one or several philanthropies through a Social Secharity account, not only would you increase your own income and lower your taxes, but the accumulated wealth would eventually go to endowing American philanthropies of your choice so that they can stop relying so much on big government, and the government in turn can ease up its pressure on your wallet. This would lower taxes and costs across the country and empower working Americans to support local programs. It doesn’t solve our problems overnight, but it does put us on the road to financial recovery, a road we call Route 664, the road to human kindness. Because we believe with every fiber of our bones, that kindness is another key factor that defines America, and it lies in our hearts. The power is in our hands to restore power to America’s middle class and secure the future for ourselves and our children. For more information visit or like us on Facebook @SocialSecharity. Be sure to tune into our weekly show “Route 664: The Road to Human Kindness.”

Social Secharity (Section 664) is a bold new way to move the country from 30 trillion in debt to economic well being through charitable wealth. Help resolve our country’s problems, improve your own future income and pay less tax! Best of all be a grateful benefactor to your community. 

Written by Ossman J. Darwiche 2021