The mission of this website is to educate the public about using Section 664 and Social Secharity. Social Secharity is a registered trademark of the Endow America Network Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.



      We all want to live the good old American Dream, but with the U.S. economy nearing $30 trillion in debt, what dream is there left to live? In America we no longer work to live, but live to work. Crazy government spending and interference in the markets have led us to this point, not to mention funding for charities and even foreign governments.  Then there is the curve ball that is COVID-19 and the periodic stimulus checks the Fed keeps dishing out to virtually every American citizen. If we continue at this rate, there will be nothing left of our Social Security program, and inevitably, lead America to a dangerous precipice from which there will be no return. But there are real solutions which, if we take action to implement now, can reverse the years of damage we’ve caused to our economy and leave plenty of renewed American dreams for our own children to enjoy. Section 664 of the Internal Revenue Code presents one remarkably achievable solution which, amazingly, few Americans are even aware of. Let me tell you about Social Secharity.


      Here’s the way we’ve been working, some charity foundation with a very noble cause requires funding to run their organization and thus be able to help the people they want to help. They turn to DC and lobby Congress for grants, causing the Federal Government to raise taxes on you the average American. I mean, the money has to come from somewhere right? This has been the case for most, if not all philanthropic organizations in America, but they are not to blame here. After all, there are many who feel that a stronger government should be more equipped to provide for its citizens, but it’s a model which, if left to government, has consistently resulted in catastrophic failure for other countries in the past, so what makes us crazy enough to think America’s story will be different? Social Secharity is that difference, because it takes that excess of power out of the hands of government, and puts it into your hands. How does it work then?

      Social Secharity is a term coined by Les Winston of the Endow America Network Foundation and, it is a combination of Social Security and Charity. It’s a term that refers to a pretty old section of the Internal Revenue Code, section 664, which Congress signed into law back in 1969. To explain this in layman’s terms, instead of paying into Social Security, you the average worker, opens a Social Secharity account into which a part of your earnings goes. At the end of your life, instead of being kept and used by the government, your accumulated tax money goes to the charity organization of your choice. If enough people in America do this over the years, charity organizations will stop relying so much on the government for funding, because they will be endowed with their own funding, resulting in lower taxes and greater prosperity for you and all Americans. It’s really simple, our government grants about $1 trillion to charity organizations every year, if we’re currently $23.3 trillion in debt, imagine how much of that growing debt could be dramatically reduced by 2050 if Americans used Social Secharity.  It means we will have replaced outdated social security through the simple power of philanthropy, giving back to your community and effectively rescuing the American dream for your children. You are America’s only hope, and 664 is the formula of how America can get its happiness back.


Ossman J. Darwiche 03/18/2021