2020 to 2030 is the decade to Endow America using Social Secharity, the next generation’s Social Security.

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The world has changed.   We have entered the era of human kindness.   In this era, America will shift from a country $26 trillion in debt, to one having $30 trillion in endowment for nonprofits.

This paradigm shift will be accomplished by American taxpayers using Social Secharity similar to the way they use tax code 529 for college savings and 401k for retirement savings. Americans using tax code 664 for Social Secharity will reduce and defer taxes and create more individual income, while leaving endowments to their favorite charities.

We invite you to watch our Uncle Sam video addressing the problem when our debt was $20 trillion a short time ago.   The post Coronavirus America will have even greater debt.

What is Social Secharity?

Social Secharity is to be used in your financial plan.    Subscribe for free to see the presentation about how it works.    

After the free presentation, please consider a tax deductible contribution to help further our public education program and the Endow America Network.  As a Contributor you will gain access to additional resources to teach you to use Social Secharity tools and where you can find help by searching the Council of Professional Philanthropic Advisors for an philanthropic advisor in your area.
Social Secharity is a registered trademark of the Advisors in Philanthropy Foundation, Inc (AiPF), a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.  Social Secharity, along with the Endow America Network and the Council of Professional Philanthropic Advisors are programs of AiPF.
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