with radio host Les Winston and guest sponsor Peter Mendez of 1st SOS Staffing as they discuss Social Secharity

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Social Secharity (Section 664) is a bold new way to move the country from 22 trillion in debt to economic well being through charitable wealth.   Help resolve our country's problems, improve your own future income and pay less tax!  Best of all be a grateful benefactor to your community. 

Why does "Social Secharity" sound like "Social Security"?   We want people to recognize the similarity.  They are similar in function but different in outcome.
Social Security is a social benefit enacted by the US Congress
Social Secharity is a social benefit enacted by the US Congress (IRC Section 664)
Social Security is a mandatory tax to create income
Social Secharity is a voluntary gift to create income
Social Security income is paid by the US Government
Social Secharity income is paid by a qualified trust
Social Security leaves nothing in your community
Social Secharity leaves everything in your community
Both intended to create income later in life
Both can help family members (but Social Security is restrictive)
Social Secharity is a way for you to:
Create more income you can rely on. 

Pay less tax.

Do something for your favorite charity.
Disclaimer: Social Secharity is a registered trademark of the Advisors in Philanthropy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) IRC Organization. The Foundation and its programs, including the Council of Professional Philanthropic Advisors, are not directly affiliated with the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy (AIP), The American College (CAP® program), or any other institution or organization.
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