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BenefitPublicSubscriber - Free Open to the Public You will be asked for your name, email and zip codeContributor - Any donation Open to the Public You will be asked for your contact informationCouncil Member - Professionals Only
Watch a keynote on Social Secharity from Chairman Les Winston X X X X
Watch an animation about why Social Secharity is important NOW X X X X
Listen to Podcast One and learn how YOU can use Social Secharity to solve problems X X X X
Receive Email Alerts* with important updates   X X X
Receive a link and password to hear two introductory Social Secharity podcasts   X X X
Search for a professional philanthropic advisor near you     X X
Access to full library of Social Secharity podcasts, case studies, articles     X X
Your professional name and address in Advisor Search on       X
Use of our Public Education Presentation about Social Secharity       X
Use of our Peer Group Educational Presentation on the Profession of Philanthropic Planning       X
We will post your professional public education material, subject to review       X
Search by speciality for collaboraters from our advisor database       X
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